Volunteering for N2N 2.0

N2N 2.0 relies on our amazing volunteers! Friendly visiting volunteers are matched with program participants and together, the matched pairs do social activities such as have a conversation, play a game, or go for a walk.

Keep in mind, the process differs slightly across each program in the collaborative and you would be volunteering for the agency you are linked with. You can connect directly with the agency you would like to volunteer with or contact our central phone line/email.



Each program in the collaborative is slightly different but generally programs require volunteers to commit to about 1-2 hours each week for a minimum of 6 months.


How it works

The first step is to check out our Friendly Visiting Volunteer Job Description and connect with us!

You may reach out directly with the agency you’d like to volunteer for, or to our central line/email:

416-392-1509 x 326 n2n2.0@waterfrontnc.ca

Once you are connected, you will touch base with the agency’s volunteer coordinator and begin the onboarding process (such as paperwork, reference checks, etc.). The next step is to meet with the program coordinator for additional training specific to friendly visiting. Once these steps are successfully completed, you will be matched with a participant.


Not in our catchment?

Want to volunteer but live outside our catchment?

Check out this map! Click on the magnifying glass and type in the nearest intersection to find a program close to you!